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I thank God for the day when I was first invited to this church. Although I considered myself a Christian from childhood because I was raised in the Church, I lost my way as I grew older. I still carried the title of “Christian” around, without living for Christ. I have been involved with a lot of different aspects of life in the “fast lane” as a young man, and the distance between me and God seemed to be so great, I didn’t think that I would ever be able to get close to Him again. When I visited the Church that day, I was just responding to an invitation with no intention of becoming a member or being moved to serve the Lord.

When I heard the Pastor say that He is doing God’s work without pay, I was shocked. I have never heard of anyone saying they will do the work of God for free. When I realized that no one got paid at the church and everything that was being done was being done to the glory of God, it left me feeling moved that people would be this selfless. My number one excuse for not being a part of a Church had just been taken away, I could no longer say that all Churches want was money. The most influential thing that changed my life was how the leaders of this church accepted me just the way I am, without passing judgment, but treated me with love and respect. They showed themselves to stand beside me, not above me, and because of this humility they nurtured and encouraged me to be a servant for Christ. Even though I am still growing spiritually and trust God to help me with my growth, I have been able to move closer than I could ever imagine under the discipleship of Pastor Ababio Gyebi. I share this because I believe that there are many people out there just like me who need to take just a small step to start experiencing what God has in store for them. This experience has changed my life.

------Brother Isaac

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